The Best White-Label SEO Tools (And Why)

Our review of the best white-label SEO tools to boost your business. An actionable guide covering the features and pricing of four of our favorite tools to get you started. 

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January 17, 2023

In today's competitive digital landscape, agencies are looking to scale as fast as possible. The challenge is figuring out how to do so without compromising the quality of their services and creating and maintaining a unique selling point to stand out from the growing competition. 

Agencies have a lot on their plate!

As a digital marketing agency, we’ve come across many white-label SEO tools claiming to solve all of our problems. But there have been only a trusted few that have managed to impress us and fit our purpose. 

What are white-label SEO tools?

The term “white label” refers to when a product, software, or other is manufactured by one party and is able to be branded and sold by another party to its clients. In simple terms, you pay for something that someone else built, customize it with your own logo, color schemes, and fonts, package it as part of your own service offering and sell it off to your clients. 

In the world of digital marketing, this practice has been made common by almost all well-known PaaS providers as the demand for scaling has soared. One can now obtain almost any element of the SEO process as a white-label tool including:

  • Analytics Tools
  • Audit Tools
  • Dashboards
  • Monitoring and Reporting Tools
  • PPC Tools

The benefits of using a white-label SEO tool

  1. Focus all energy and resources on your expertise

Bandwidth often becomes an issue for smaller, growing teams. Between endless admin, training, finance, client calls, and growth tasks, building advanced tools may be burdensome. White-label tools allow you to concentrate on what you do best and deal with the important day-to-day tasks of running a business whilst still being able to offer a quality service that looks proprietary.

  1. Scalability 

Partnering with experienced white-label SEO providers can back your product offering with the skills it may be lacking. Rather than spending time training internally, leave the SEO to the experts and allow yourself to scale faster. 

  1. Ability to accommodate increased demand

With access to expert SEO skills and tools from your white-label provider, you can be confident that you are not over-promising to your clients. Not only can you be certain that you’ll fulfill demands, but you can also offer services to a higher volume of clients without worrying about not coping. 

  1. Advanced tools to impress and win clients 

The best white-label SEO tools are often very impressive. Presenting a well-customized white-label tool to clients will encourage confidence and trust. It may provide you with the unique edge your agency needs to win new business and maintain solid relationships. 

  1. Simplifies the product development process

Agencies are always looking to expand their service offerings. Using white-label tools grant you one stable template that can be used and tweaked for any new offering that may come about. 

What to look for in a white label tool (how to choose one)

When making any purchasing decision as an agency, you have to consider what is fit for your purpose. This is especially true when it comes to tools and software. Budgets are often strapped at the start of an agency's journey, so you don’t want to pay for features that won’t serve you. 

For this reason, our list of top picks for white-label SEO tools focuses on the best holistic options. Those that offer all the essential tools necessary to run a fully successful SEO campaign, rather than providing one excellent tool and others that are mediocre. 

Trust us, you’re going to want to save on those subscriptions. 

SE Ranking

SE Ranking's White Label landing page for SEO services. The hero image of the landing page is a person using a tablet and stylus. There are various graphs on the tablet screen.
SE Ranking


SE Ranking is a fantastic SEO tool on its own. However, its free white-label offering that comes with a subscription makes it an all-around winner. All your research, data analysis, strategizing, reporting, and client-facing dashboards from one centralized portal for one monthly subscription. 

Their white-label features include: 

  • Ability to use your own domain
  • Customizing with your own branding
  • Generating automated or manual reports
  • Managing users with custom access
  • No domain hosting 

SE ranking makes it truly easy to package and sell an SEO service with no affiliation to them. Their platform allows you to give clients custom access to view their competitors, backlinks, website audit, analytics, tools, and reports, all customized to look like they came from your agency. Their dashboard is also incredibly simple to use and navigate, which only further enhances the client's experience.

Not only is the client's experience great, but it's incredibly simple for you, the agency. The white-label platform offers a great variety of report templates including:

  • SEO report
  • Rankings Overview
  • Google Ads Report
  • Competitor Overview Report

…and many more. Each template is fully customizable and understandable. 


SE ranking offers a generous 14-day free trial, with access to all of their features, including white-label. They also have a unique demo account whereby you can access their SEO and white-label platform from the perspective of a client or an administrator. This allows you to play around with the templates and dummy data to assess its usability. Not to mention, the subscription fee is only $71,20 per month. It is far cheaper than other alternatives.

Final Thoughts on SE Ranking

Overall, SE Ranking is a fully comprehensive, well-rounded SEO tool with great affordability.  Their dashboard is simple and easily integrated with their other SEO tools. This makes for a simple and efficient experience for clients and employees.


The Web CEO White Label Landing Page lists three business types that their white label service would benefit. They have two options for actions including scheduling a free 30 minute demo or requesting an agency trial. The focus image of the page is a desktop computer that displays an upward trending graph and a few display numbers.


WebCEO is one of the most trusted white-label softwares out there. After 9 years of operation, they truly understand the demand of their clients and have gained a reputable name. Their vision statement “Your Brand. Your Clients. Our Tools” perfectly encompasses what white-label tools are all about. It reiterates their desire to provide tools that their clients can integrate effortlessly into their business models as if they were their own. 

With WebCEO’s white-label software, one can:

  • Provide customers with live SEO reports
  • Resell the SEO tools to agencies or website owners
  • Resell SEO tools as an added value offering
  • Customize the platform with your own branding
  • Allow employees to use the white-label tools and assume they are proprietary 

WebCEO places a lot of importance on encouraging their client base to assume no affiliation with them when presenting tools to their own clients. This is made possible through the white-label domain feature, where all association with WebCEO is eliminated.  WebCEO also does a great job of educating its customer base about how white-label tools work. They reassure the legality of the process and are always transparent in their write-ups and actions to leave clients feeling confident. 


WebCEO’s white-label features are included from their “Startup” package upwards. These packages start at $99 per month, but this amount varies if you opt for a long-term subscription or annual payment. These packages are labeled as “Professional Level SEO Platforms”, with the most popular being their “Agency Package” which allows for unlimited keywords, projects, and teammates. Keep in mind that there are additional costs associated with adding more than a threshold number of these categories. Every additional project added comes with a billing of $2 and every additional teammate over 5 comes with an extra billing of $5.

They have a budget calculator available on their pricing tab that can help you calculate your monthly spend according to your operations. WebCEO prides itself on transparent and honest pricing, so much so that they claim this as a USP. They even have the option to schedule a 30-minute consultation with a staff member to help you choose the right plan for your business.

WebCEO also has a “Solo” package, which they describe as the best option for those new to SEO and who need simple tools and guidance. At only $37 per month, this is a great option for any individual such as a freelancer looking to get into the SEO space. 

Final Thoughts on WebCEO

Overall, WebCEO is all about their clients’ growth. They encourage employees and clients to assume that the tools they provide are custom to your specific business. The platform's packages are very much suited to agencies and medium-sized companies looking to scale, with pricing that isn’t too steep. 


The PosiRank White Label SEO Landing Page contains a popup with the number of first page rankings that users of the tool have achieved (currently 35 106), as well as “Schedule Now” button. The page contains both an explanatory video and paragraph about white-label services.


PosiRank identifies as an “experienced white label SEO reseller” that is dedicated to filling the skill gap between the services that their clients want to offer, and their current ability to do so. Impressively, they have ranked over 35 000 sites on page 1 of Google, published over 60 000 articles, and fulfilled over 300 000 orders. 

They capitalize on the idea that their clients need to be focussing on their primary offering and maximizing their productivity, while PosiRank handles all of the SEO backend work. They present as flexible, assuring that they understand that each client has different needs that they are ready to adapt to. PosiRank is very transparent about its operations, outlining entire processes on its website so that readers can get a feel for how it works. Each service page offers answers to tons of FAQs. The company works hard to take the guesswork out of assessing whether they would be the right provider. 

They offer a well-rounded variety of SEO services including

  • SEO management
  • Managed PPC
  • Guest posts
  • Content writing
  • White label 
  • Reputation management
  • SEO audit 
  • SEO reseller services
  • SEO consulting

PosiRank seems up-to-date with Google’s algorithm changes, emphasizing the importance of quality content to a website's success. This is an important consideration when choosing an SEO partner, as Google’s requirements are constantly evolving and can make or break your rankings.


PosiRank’s pricing is not readily available on their website. You can schedule a free consultation where they will presumably suggest the best pricing plan for your business. This further emphasizes their flexibility, as clients are not confined to just one package with set features. They acknowledge that every client is unique and will custom design the perfect plan for your needs. 

Final Thoughts on PosiRank

Overall, PosiRank feels like one of the most flexible white-label SEO tools on the market. They really value customization and tailor each of their services as well as pricing plans to specific clients' needs. With over a decade of experience and expertise, it is confident that they can provide the tools and skills needed for a company to grow. PosiRank would be great for larger agencies looking for a full array of services in conjunction with white-label features. 


Here at Luden, we pride ourselves on helping great brands grow online. Through excellence, minimalism, and innovation, we produce top-quality content and SEO to boost rankings and authority. We, ourselves, have provided top-quality white-label services to our clients. Fully branded, easy-to-use databases to track link building progress and content creation. We believe our systems follow best practice, achieving unbelievable growth and results for our clients. 

Wrapping up

With online visibility becoming increasingly important, businesses of all sizes, in all industries, are looking to partner with the right provider for them. The only problem is with high demand comes high competition. There is no shortage of white-label SEO software and tools out there. So how do you pick the right one? 

It all comes down to what is fit for purpose. Consider a combination of experience, results, package prices and features, and overall values of a provider. And finally, ask yourself, “Will they be able to help my business specifically succeed?”

Paige is a digital marketing consultant at Luden Digital, with a keen eye for detail and a particular flair with product development and client-centric projects.