SEO Backlink Audits

What’s up with SEO Backlink Audits?

A backlink profile determines how ‘healthy’ your website is depending on the links that are found on the other sites that are directing back to your website.

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What a Backlink Profile Audit Covers

What is the Value of Auditing My Backlink Profile?

It helps assess your current DA and your DA goal. This allows us to determine the type of links we need to build to get there.

Backlink audits unveil toxic backlink activity. This holds immense value because it helps direct our next course of action: whether or not to perform a link disavow.

If we identify toxicity, we use link disavows to disregard, not remove, those backlinks. This prevents your site from being penalized and protects your link building efforts.

Additionally, analyzing your anchor text distribution helps ensure that you’re not over-optimizing your anchors. And, yes, over-optimization is a thing.

Luden’s Link Building Experts

True link building experts are very rare, Luden is lucky to have a founder who has consulted on link building jobs and for corporate companies at the very top of the market.

They trust us to deliver and share our expertise.

We have the time, skills, backlinking knowledge, and systems to process an entire backlink audit. Why not let us do the work for you?

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When is a Backlink Audit Necessary?

Backlink audits are most valuable on larger sites with existing backlink profiles. They will identify how to get more value out of your link-building operations.

For sites with a DA 10+, it’s only necessary if you suspect negative SEO, over-optimization, or manual actions (Google penalty).

Does a Backlink Audit Require a Toxic Link Disavow Too?

We only deliver a link disavow if it is necessary. But, because we genuinely care, it’s included in the deliverable.

Why Would Google Penalize You for Bad Links?

Google has mixed feelings about link building. They recognize its place, but also have strict policies against link building when it is either too close to advertising (like paying for links), or strategies that look to ‘game’ the system (like PBN’s or link exchanges).

One issue is that these policies can be vague or very difficult to properly police. As a result, a lot of link builders tend to utilize more gray or black hat strategies.

Because of their lack of certainty, we have seen in recent years that Google is more likely to disregard links that it doesn’t like (as opposed to outright penalizing a website).

However, blatant and obvious breaches of their policies (especially those tied to PBN’s) can see a website receive a Manual Action (or Google Penalty).

Luden follows strict guidelines, and leans on years of experience to ensure that our link building practices are white hat, build links that have ‘Link Equity’, and contribute measurable Authority to your domain over time.

We also regularly conduct backlink audits to optimize the value you get out of link building and protect your backlink profile.