Technical SEO Audit

What is a Technical SEO Audit?

How we see things, and how search engines see things are entirely different! Technical SEO indicates to search engines that you're open for business.

Luden's audits identify each issue that needs fixing, and your business impact.

Our audits gain key insights from high-end software like SEMrush, while our overall technical SEO thesis is far simpler than Google Search Console (GSC).

Luden takes the direct path to getting you crawled, indexed and ranking!

What are the Most Important Elements of a Technical Audit?

The Value of Technical Domain Audits?

It’s the first step in any good SEO process. You’re not going to rank for difficult terms without a clean domain.

Technical audits help you avoid penalties and allow you to get more out of your recurring SEO spend on content and backlinks.

If you want to improve your website in every way possible, it is best to cover all the bases that you can by hiring a team of experts. Outsource your problems and reap the major benefits.

Luden’s Approach to Technical SEO

We take the time to understand search engines, as well as what direction the algorithms are moving in. This allows us to future-proof your website build.

We know that most businesses are ROI-focused, which is why we don’t suggest expensive or unnecessary jobs - we suggest technical fixes that are:

  • Absolutely necessary
  • A quick or easy win
  • Add substantial value

Luden is holistic about technical SEO fixes. We envision how they fit into the broader inbound marketing strategy. We’re not just here to optimize random elements, that’s a waste of your and our time.

Some of the SEO services we offer:

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What Is the Best SEO Software for Technical Audits?

The answer is straightforward: Google Search Console. However, you are probably wondering about third-party software.

Luden uses Ahrefs as our main third-party software. We also use SEMrush, Moz, and Trustflow as support software.

Truth be told, there is no perfect software, all of the main software on the market is pretty good. Some are merely better at specific elements than others.

Will Doing a Technical Audit Affect the Visual Elements of My Website?

Most likely, no. Technical audits are more about indexing and URL structure - how Google understands what you have.

However, enhancements like core web vitals and mobile friendliness could impact the layout of your website.

How Often Do I Have to Do a Technical SEO Audit?

It depends on the size of your domain:

  • Enterprise companies tend to run weekly audits on various technical components;
  • Large online businesses should do quarterly audits;
  • Smaller SaaS companies should consider every 6-months or annually.