What Does SEO Mean to Luden?

In a nutshell, SEO is the process of optimizing or improving your website so that it can be seen by users when searching for a query on Google.

It is the foundation of any sound digital marketing strategy; the fuel that moves the car.

There are different SEO strategies one can implement to achieve a powerful ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) - enter Luden.

Our SEO Playbook

What Are the Returns Like on SEO?

61% of B2B marketers stated that SEO and organic traffic generate more leads than any other marketing initiative. SEO is a necessity and a long-term investment because it has the best returns as a scalable strategy. We can reverse engineer competitors and assess your backlink profile and organic traffic as a product your keywords rank for.

If done correctly, SEO can increase your ranking and authority on Google which means:

  • Increased visibility for your site
  • Your equity in the SERPs will grow
  • They will potentially click on and browse through your site so that traffic will move through your marketing funnel
  • This user will 'hopefully' be converted into a customer

And this is what every business wants right? Well, other than flourishing success, satisfied employees, praising customers and endless returns on investment. But that’s a talk for another day.

Why Pick Us As Your SEO Soulmates?

Firstly, we are seasoned experts in everything SEO. Working in the industry, our team understands its intricacies and keeps an eye on the most recent changes in digital marketing trends to best optimize your website.

We also believe that there are 3 elements of SEO that are integral to your site:

Domain Legitimacy (and Technical SEO)

  • To build a proper website, you need domain legitimacy and brand legitimacy
  • You want to properly structure your website, so cleaning up your indexing ensures you have a brand that will convert

Copy & Content (mainly on-page SEO)

  • By creating high-end content, you will rank for the keywords included in that content and ultimately get your site indexed

Link Building (mainly off-page SEO)

  • You finally back it up with link building which is fuel for the process. Link building is the juice that moves your car (your website)

Like the Beatles, even though one may seem more important than the others, they all play an integral role in how popular your site will be. Our team focuses on all three components and more throughout your project. Let Luden catapult your website to the top of the charts.

Some of the SEO services we offer:

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Content Marketing
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Thought Leadership


What Does High-quality SEO Look Like?

High-quality SEO isn’t about optimization, it’s about authenticity and authority. Yes, you still need to tick all the on-page and technical SEO boxes. But taking your SEO to the next level is about plugging into a broader inbound marketing strategy that communicates reputability for your brand.

We believe the best a to achieve this are tied to elite content marketing. To focus on creating authentic, and expert content that adds genuine value to the users.

The search engines want authenticity. They want authority. And their algorithms are getting better each and every day at quantifying both.

Superior (or best in class) content is the best way to provide that authenticity and authority. It will earn you traffic, both today and in the future.

Can I Determine the SEO Strategies of My Competitors?

Yes, you can analyze your competitors' SEO strategies.

This involves looking into their content, backlinks and keywords to see how you can reverse-engineer them to benefit your own strategy.

How Do I Know If My Site Needs SEO?

A few signs your site may need SEO include:

  1. Your site isn’t appearing on the first page of Google
  2. Your organic traffic is low
  3. Your website traffic isn't converting into customers
  4. Your ranking position has declined
  5. Your website is not compatible with mobile devices
  6. You don't have a proper strategy
  7. Your website doesn’t have enough backlinks
  8. Your competitors are ranking high on SERPs

Is SEO Still Relevant?

Yes, SEO is still very relevant and worthwhile.

SEO keeps evolving. As algorithms change, SEO tactics that worked well in the past may not work as well today. It is no longer only the quantity of backlinks your site has or keywords appearing on your pages that matter. These days, more focus is placed on ethical practices and quality content that matches search intent.