SEO Keyword Research

What is SEO Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of finding ‘target keywords’ or words specific to your site and what people are searching for on the internet.

By strategically scattering keywords around your website like breadcrumbs, it increases your chance of ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

So, if someone searches for “The best way to grow my website”, you will need to include the right keywords on your website’s content so that your site will be the first one to appear.

High-end Keyword Strategies

How to Rank for Keywords

Ranking for keywords is dependent on three things: proper technical SEO and site structure, producing good content, and backlinks.

Most notably, keywords are related to content. Search engines assess your content, and determine which keywords to associate it with.

To rank for keywords, you should look to produce high-quality content, with properly laid out on-page SEO. High-quality content should fulfill ‘search intent’, meaning the content does a good job of answering the questions or providing the information that users are looking for.

Building links is another great way to signal to search engines that your content is reputable and should rank for the associated keywords.

Why the Luden Research Team?

We have done our fair share of keyword searches over the time that we’ve worked alongside our clients, so we know the arena we are working in.

Our team utilizes a number of best practices, and online tools to conduct our research and to provide you with the most effective keywords based on real-life online searches and websites.

Unlike painstakingly stuffing a turkey on a national holiday, we know how to gracefully salt bae your content with the perfect keywords that give your website that edge.

Some of the SEO services we offer:

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How Important Are Keyword Rankings?

Short answer: Keyword rankings are very important.  

Searchers don’t want to visit hundreds of sites to solve their queries. They’ll only click on the top few results that Google provides before stopping their search.

Ranking high on Google’s SERP will therefore earn you more traffic. However, ranking for the RIGHT keywords is critical to attracting qualified traffic (your ideal searchers, those who will actually take action) to your site.

This involves a keyword research strategy. You need to fully understand the searcher's intent, choose keywords that exactly solve their queries, and integrate these flawlessly into your content to work up to the top spot. Without this process, you either won’t rank, or you’ll end up ranking for irrelevant keywords that attract the wrong searchers.

How Would I Use Keywords Correctly?

Let your keywords guide your content creation. Analyzing the top results on Google’s SERP for those keywords will indicate what type of content you should produce as well as the format and angle to take. Use the SERP to your advantage, it’s really helpful.

Use your keywords to optimize your content. Here, you need to be strategic. Don’t throw your keywords in every sentence, heading, and sub-heading. Google is intelligent and doesn’t like that. Rather, produce well-written, well-structured content with your keyword integrated within. You can even use synonyms for your keyword! Again, Google is very intelligent.

How Is Your Approach Different?

We take our time getting to know each client and their audience. This gives us the understanding necessary to know which keywords matter to match search intent.

Our years of experience in the industry mean we know the playing field. We recognize which keywords add value and have used our tactics to consistently rank sites for difficult keywords.