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As a specialized growth partner and SEO agency for SaaS, we harness bespoke, holistic strategies in SEO and Content Marketing to propel MRR growth.

Esteemed Client Partnerships

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SEO For SaaS: Mastering The Digital Labyrinth

In the SaaS universe and digital age, standing out isn't just a goal – it’s a necessity. But here's the problem: the SaaS market is a maze of competition, where visibility is the key to survival.

Imagine your SaaS solution struggling to shine among countless competitors, losing potential leads to contendors who are more visible online. Rapidly evolving software services make standing out even tougher, risking your brand becoming unnoticed in the digital sphere.

Our SaaS SEO services ensure your solution is prominently visible:

A spotlight on your SaaS solutions in the SERPs, shining brighter than ever.
A digital presence that doesn't just exist but dominates, driving qualified leads straight to your doorstep.
Conversion rates? We’re talking numbers that turn heads and fuel business growth.
Customer journeys from first click to final sale? Seamless, persuasive, and relentlessly effective.

Let's do more than chase digital success; let's build, scale, and maintain it for your SaaS. Your ascent starts now. Are you ready to redefine the game?

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The Results Say It All

Food Label Maker, a trailblazer in B2B SaaS for the Food and Beverage sector, transforms compliance into simplicity with their innovative labeling software.

The transformation? Stellar. Food Label Maker’s ROI rocketed, achieving a remarkable 112% growth in organic sessions within just a few months.

We overhauled content, fine-tuned SEO, and boosted their Google Business Profile. The result? A commanding online presence that not only captured attention but sustained it. Check out the data that speaks volumes:

With strategic SEO services, Food Label Maker's growth isn't just impressive — it's measurable. Dive into the full case study to see the numbers behind the narrative.

Explore the Case Study

Our SEO Playbook - How We Grow Your ROI

Our Bespoke Strategy Approach

We are your SEO agency for the long term, not just the start. We partner with SaaS businesses from $50K to $1M+ ARR and go beyond monthly sprints. We tailor your growth strategy every month to fit your changing business needs.

No one-size-fits-all here. Each client is unique, and so are our strategies and pricing – personalized for maximum ROI.

Wondering what's on the menu? We tailor a strategic feast, customized for your business's appetite:

  • Strategic Deep-Dive: From technical to competitor keyword audits, crowned with a live reporting dashboard.
  • Content Craft: Gap analysis, ideation, and a content spread of roughly 8,000 words across blogs and resources, ready for your CMS.
  • Link Building Mastery: We analyze, prospect, and acquire between 8-10 premium links to boost your authority.

That's the Luden difference – a strategic suite, not just services.

We Want To Be Your Growth Engine

Luden transcends the typical SEO agency role, becoming an extension of your team. We focus on transforming challenges into victories. Ready to strategize, outpace competition, and climb the rankings? You've found your ideal partner. Choose us for:

ROI-Driven Partnerships

We tailor strategies and budgets to align perfectly with your goals. Our dedication goes beyond business – it's a personal commitment to turning every action into a measurable victory.

Integrated Collaboration & Consulting

We aim to blend seamlessly into your team, enhancing your workflow with efficient project management. Assisting in building out your SOPs and offering continuous consulting, we ensure smooth operations while you lead your business.

Affordable Excellence

Based in South Africa, Luden offers top-tier SaaS SEO services at accessible prices. Expect outstanding quality that respects your budget.

Unwavering Transparency

Clear and open communication is our backbone. Stay informed and involved, understanding each strategy and its intent, every step of the way.

Ready to experience transformative growth? Your journey to the top starts here.

Some of the SEO services we offer:

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Content Marketing
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Thought Leadership

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Meet The Powerhouse

Jonathan Liebenberg
Founder and Director
Nickname: Jonty

Luden Digital is Jonathan’s brainchild. While his academic and corporate background lies in finance and investment, he was quickly drawn towards the wonders of the Internet (shower thought: it’s kind of the home of everything we know as a species).

He is fanatical about music and the outdoors. He is a multi-instrumentalist, lives for time in the ocean, and is obsessed with the African bushveld. He also reads a lot, writes a lot, and talks even more.

For the last 5 years, Jonathan has ranked numerous websites onto the first page of Google, delivered elegant digital solutions to multiple happy partners and built a team that does the same.

Oh yeah, and Jonathan sounds a bit biblical, so just call him Jonty.

Jonathan LiebenbergJonathan Liebenberg

Jonathan Liebenberg

Founder and Director

Nickname: Jonty

Ashleigh Jacqueline Saunders
Chief Operating Officer
Nickname: Jay Quellin

Ashleigh studied in Stellenbosch, South Africa, where she obtained her BPhil Honors in Marketing Management at The IMM Graduate School of Marketing.

The psychological element of Marketing excites her most and she finds that you learn something new every day in this dynamic, fast-paced, industry.

An animal-lover who enjoys nature, she can often be found spending time with her family on their farm in Botswana, her home country. When she isn’t there, she is eating out and socializing with friends over the weekend.

Her two mottos in life are:

“What you put in is what you get out” and “Work hard, play hard, be kind.”

Ashleigh Jacqueline SaundersAshleigh Jacqueline Saunders

Ashleigh Jacqueline Saunders

Chief Operating Officer

Nickname: Jay Quellin

Marelize Scheepers
Chief Technical Officer
Nickname: Red

Marelize studied BSc Microbiology and Biochemistry at the University of Potchefstroom. After graduating she did her postgraduate in Business management. Her focus shifted from the biology and chemistry industry to business which grew and became her ultimate passion.

She is a driven, positive and enthusiastic person who believes that you can never stop learning and strive to better yourself every day. She has been involved in sport most of her life and developed great teamwork skills, as it is always better to work together.

Her dream is to travel and one day be able to say that she saw most of the world whilst enjoying the journey with family and friends. She loves impulsive adventures and making memories. She also feels that there is always time for a quick joke since life is too serious. So have fun and make it worthwhile with everyone and everything you love.

Marelize ScheepersMarelize Scheepers

Marelize Scheepers

Chief Technical Officer

Nickname: Red

Hannah van Teylingen
Head of Copy and Content
Nickname: van T

Hannah studied a BA in Film, Media and English at the University of Cape Town, where she then went on to specialize in Multimedia Production with Film and Media in her final two years. She graduated with distinction from her degree in 2020, and then went on to work as a property content writer before finding Luden Digital.

Hannah is a digital marketing strategist and copy and content manager for Luden. The collaborative energy and determination deriving from the team, as well as exciting and beneficial work are just some of the many things she enjoys about Luden. On the weekends, you’ll find her scrolling through Netflix, on a hike in the mountains, dipping a toe in the sea or exploring the many eateries of Cape Town.

Hannah van Teylingen

Head of Copy and Content

Nickname: van T

​​Paige Karla
Head of Strategy
Nickname: Bubbles

Paige is both a qualified accountant and creative. She has recently completed a 4 year business science degree at UCT but despite her finance and accounting major, she is much more partial to the creative and digital side of business and has decided to pursue it wholeheartedly.

In her spare time, you’ll find her trying to reach her overly ambitious yearly reading goal, playing around on Adobe Illustrator, attempting to write the next novel sensation or testing out the iced coffee in Cape Town’s variety of cute cafés!

She is very motivated and enjoys pushing herself to be the best possible version. She believes that hard work truly does pay off and there really is no limitation to what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it!

​​Paige Karla

Head of Strategy

Nickname: Bubbles