Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation

Lead Generation is a marketing effort that brings traffic onto your site and helps pique a customer’s interest enough to, hopefully, turn them into a lead.

What a Backlink Profile Audit Covers

Lead generation is not just about the numbers, it’s about generating qualified leads. What is a qualified lead? Leads from your target audience who are far more likely to convert - #winning.

Inbound vs. Outbound Lead Generation?

Two strategies that are extremely powerful. They can be implemented separately or in unison. What is important to know is this:

Outbound lead generation pushes your message to your audience in a more targeted approach. It yields short-term success and is pretty straightforward. Pay your problems away.

Inbound lead generation is more organic in nature and pulls your audience in. It develops authentic community and engagement, and results in long-term value and a higher ROI.

Luden’s Approach to Lead Generation

We’re big on content marketing and SEO as it is at the core of lead generation. We’re a metric-driven company with an intense push towards high-quality marketing and campaigns that move the needle.

Our team offers expertise and systems to spearhead an outstanding lead generation strategy. With it, we can identify your best customers and build an authentic community of growth partners for years to come.

By keeping an eye on digital marketing trends, we make genuine connections with audiences so that your customer lifetime value increases and you onboard the people you want to see.

Some of the SEO services we offer:

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When Should I Do CPC Advertising?

First, determine what your goal is for your paid advertising.

To increase traffic to your website, Cost Per Click (CPC) is a good start. However, this needs to be monitored as many make the mistake of having the CPC exceed the Revenue Per Click. This means it is costing more than what it is bringing in.

This is avoidable. By testing the marketing, defining your audience, having well-defined KPIs, reviewing campaign performance and analytics, and making other necessary adjustments, you can capitalize on the positives. This is your best bet to increase the Click-Thru Rate (CTR), lower the CPC, and increase the revenue generated per click.

How Does Lead Generation Work on Social Media?

Social media Lead Generation can be overwhelming. However, it is rather simple. It is a strategic advertising approach that captures sales qualified leads (SQL) and introduces them into a deeper level of your sales funnel to transform them into customers.

This is achieved through paid campaigns, with a well-defined target audience, compelling copy, amazing creativity, and CTA’s (call-to-actions). The goal is not only to grab the attention of your audience but have them engage with your content in a way that will ultimately result in a qualified lead.

What Specific Lead Generation Strategies Should I Use?

There are many specific lead generation strategies you can use. First, you need to determine your main goals and objectives. Do you want to drive website traffic? Build awareness? Generate higher quality leads?

Once that has been determined, you find your target audience, create content to appeal to them, and promote that content using social media and email marketing. Ensure there is a clear call to action to encourage engagement and ultimately generate leads.