Who We Serve

Are you one of these key decision-makers?

CEOs and Founders

Do you ever think:
I have quite the tight schedule and I know growth is super important. But I just don't have the time to figure it all out. I'd really like the extra help.
As a CEO and/or Founder, you want to spend time focusing on the bigger picture. If you need a reliable team to consult you on your B2B marketing strategy, generate leads, increase awareness, and establish authority, we are that growth-partner.

Enterprise Top Dog

Do you ever ask yourself:
Investors and higher-ups are on my back. I need to spend my marketing budget properly. But how - I have so much else to do?
Well, hi. We know it’s tough to find quality service providers who can deliver upon your vision, and add real lasting value. We’re a small team, but our flexibility and deep SEO knowledge pack a big punch.

Trailblazing SaaS Founders

Are you a founder developer? Ever thought:
I really believe in our product. With the right strategy, our growth would explode. But I don’t like marketing, I actually just want to be a developer. How do I outsource?
If we think your brainchild is a good fit, then we're here for the long-term! Optimize your budget, align KPIs, and then hit them. You can be completely hands-off with us. Go be a leader!

Agency Executives

Thinking something along the lines:
We are really strapped for bandwidth as an agency. I’m looking to outsource some deliverables to a team of Aces.
You’ve been tasked with moving the needle and need experts to ride the SEO growth wave with you. Cowabunga! That’s us. We’re happy to work alongside you to deliver on your outlined strategy, and if you require an objective opinion, we can help with that too.

Here are a few of the companies we are proud to partner with:

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Luden takes pride in its first-class reputation as an SEO growth partner in any industry.

Seriously. From Silicon Valley to New York, over to London, and Europe all around, our experience spans multiple fields. Think real estate, finance, dentistry, education, and SaaS; but don’t stop there.

Your business needs you elsewhere. You stay focused on building an elite product or service and let us take you to market (digitally). The beauty? Your business moves forward while you maintain your flexibility.

When the Shoe Fits

We’re invested in what we do. That’s why we partner with companies we believe in. To us, aligned interests yield success. We don’t want our partners to “pinch their pockets” and not see the growth they expect.

We don’t think our solutions work for everyone. It’s all about fit. If we’re not the right fit for your business success, we’ll point you in the next best direction. Because that’s what a long-term partnership is, a solution to your problems and a hand to hold when you need one.

All we ask is that you give us the chance to earn, and prove, your trust by delivering growth for your business.