What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is writing and curating content to suit your particular reader or target market. Essentially, marketing in text-specific form.

Andrew Broughton once said that “Good copywriting is a wink among the screams”.

A lot of copy out there is pushed out to the masses - shouting into the void and hoping they get heard. However, it is more successful if it navigates that noisy territory in a stealthy way - i.e. making ‘eye contact’ with your audience.

So, we craft the copy around what our clients are searching for, aiming for and want to see. What you’re reading right now is copywriting - wild stuff.

Different Levels of Copy

The Value of Good Copy

Ranking for keywords is dependent on three things: proper technical SEO and site structure, producing good content, and backlinks.

Most notably, keywords are related to content. Search engines assess your content, and determine which keywords to associate it with.

To rank for keywords, you should look to produce high-quality content, with properly laid out on-page SEO. High-quality content should fulfill ‘search intent’, meaning the content does a good job of answering the questions or providing the information that users are looking for.

Building links is another great way to signal to search engines that your content is reputable and should rank for the associated keywords.

Luden’s Approach to Copy

An in-house team of writers dedicate their time and effort into producing superior quality copy, with your brand and vision at the heart of every piece. Our aim is for you to stand out amongst all the noise online. We aim to pull people in, not push them towards you.

  • Holistic (fits with the rest of your brand and strategy)
  • Strategic
  • SEO-focused
  • ROI-focused
  • A/B test for quality assurance
  • Very particular to target audience
  • Brand-aligned and tone specific

Some of the SEO services we offer:

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Content Marketing
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Thought Leadership


What is the Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing?

Content writing is long-form content used to educate, entertain and inform a reader about a particular topic.

Copywriting, on the other hand, is written to be enticing and persuasive so that a reader will be forced to take action. This may be subscribing to a service or signing up for a newsletter.

Content is usually in a much longer format whereas copy is shorter, more quippy, and to the point.

How Do You Include SEO in Copywriting?

You would need to perform keyword research to come up with a list of primary and secondary keywords that match your customer’s search intent.

You will then place those keywords strategically into the copy itself. By matching search intent, your ranking will increase because your copy will have the answer people are looking for.

Can Anyone Be a Copywriter?

Yes and no. You don’t need a fancy degree to get better at writing copy. But there is also a skill involved in the way you craft copy to convert and how you integrate the SEO involved in that writing. It would be better for you to have some kind of background knowledge in copywriting or writing but you can also use AI tools or simply learn how to write in a way that entices an audience member and converts them into a customer.