SEO Link Building

How Does SEO Link Building Work?

Link building is the process of earning and building links from other websites that point to your own domain or website. We call the websites that link to you ‘referring domains’, while we call the links on these referring domains, ‘backlinks’.

Backlinks are recognized as the most important of the ranking factors in SEO. Link building improves your Google search rankings, bringing in more organic traffic to your website.

How is Link Building Actually Done?

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The Value of SEO Link Building

With high authority sites linking back to your site, you build legitimacy and gain traffic over time.

CPC ads and clickbait solve your short-term problem, but link building builds traffic over the long run. Because the tortoise always beats the hare, right?

The more traffic you bring in, the more leads you get, and the more users you can potentially convert into customers.

Why Use Us to Link Build?

If you want to bring in traffic and increase your site’s quality and ranking, you should be link building. We are all trained military-style on SEO Link Building when we start out at Luden. Having built links from small sites to large corporations, we know what methods to use and when.

Luden understands when link building has a strong positive return and we place a big focus on Link Equity. Link building can be budget heavy and take a long time, so we only build links unless it is absolutely necessary. Let us carry your strategy forward.

Some of the SEO services we offer:

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What Is the ROI of LB?

The Return on Investment (ROI) of link building is, very basically, the result of your Link Building efforts.

The formula used for ROI of Link Building (LB) = Net Return on LB / Cost of LB.

We can estimate the ROI of link building ahead of time as follows:
For Net Return we can observe Traffic Value estimates for a given keyword. This can be found on SEO software such as Ahrefs.

Cost can be estimated too. Simply take the average no. of backlinks for each of the top pages ranking for that keyword. Multiply that by your estimated cost to acquire each backlink.

Can I Rank without Link Building?

Yes, it is possible to rank without link building. However, it isn’t easy, especially for tougher niches and keywords.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

It depends on the keywords you are ranking for and the competitiveness within that industry.

Some websites may show results within a few weeks. Others might take a few months or even years to see results.  

What’s the Difference Between PR and Link Building?

Digital PR is an online promotional strategy used to increase brand awareness. It involves creating linkable assets like articles, content, and infographics and then promoting them to industry publications and journalists.

Link building, on the other hand, is an SEO strategy used to build website authority in the eyes of Google. This involves building high-quality backlinks to authoritative websites. The higher the quality of the link, the higher the chances are of that website ranking high on Google’s SERP.